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Aldgate Solar Powers Creative Energy Club

Aldgate Solar Power

In December 2023, Aldgate Solar Power (ASP) held its final Creative Energy Club of the year and it was a resounding success! The club used art and creativity to make community energy more fun, engaging and inclusive and the results didn’t disappoint.

Creative Energy Club

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  "The application process was quick and easy and the Creative Energy Clubs have been an experimental way to increase renewable energy engagement We're  hoping to change the culture around energy, making the sector more appealing to everyone” Éva Goudouneix, Community Engagement Programme Manager

About the project

The event itself was enjoyed by a wide and diverse range of participants. Everyone had the chance to make their own renewable-powered villages out of clay, and afterwards, ASP led a discussion on cooperative values and how they could play a vital role in community energy. In the coming months, ASP is hoping to hire out a private venue, where the final art pieces will be publicly displayed.

Throughout 2023, ASP ran three separate creative energy clubs, with nearly 40 people taking part in creating art and learning about community energy, solar power and the big key players in the energy systems. ASP wanted to think outside the box when developing this club, trying to re-think the culture around energy, by finding experimental ways to make it more engaging to a whole new audience.

Originally, ASP had only planned on running three clubs, but as they were so popular, word spread and spots started to fill up quickly and it quickly became over-subscribed. As a result, we partnered with ASP to extend these projects, to make sure everyone who wanted to get involved got the chance to.

If you are in the local area and you missed out then don’t fear, the Creative Energy Club is also planning to make a return in the Spring so keep your eyes peeled as we will promote it on our events page.